Parent's Testimonials

Here's what our parents have said about St. John's CECE Preschool.

"From day one, my daughter was excited about going to school and St. John's CECE continues to instill this enthusiasm three years later. Learning truly is fun at St. John's! Gratefully, she now has a strong education foundation for many more years to come." Mrs. R
"My son loves the 2's class at St. John's CECE. He is excited to go to school and he comes home happy, tired and full of songs." Mrs. F
"This has been a wonderful experience for my daughter and us. The office staff and teachers have been so supportive in making this first year of preschool go smoothly. We couldn't have asked for more from a very professional and genuinely caring team." Mr. & Mrs. C
"Classrooms are always clean and smell very nice. Our kids enjoy the clean toys and the interesting thing is that there is always new toys for them to enjoy. Teachers are very trustworthy with the education of our kids. They are firm, loving and smart. They have a very positive influence on our kid's lives. They always take the time to update us as parents on the education/behavior of our kids. The whole preschool team is always ready to jump in and help in any situation concerning our kid's growth." Mrs. R
"There are many preschools in our area but we decided to send our daughter to St. John's CECE because we had such a wonderful experience with our son attending class. The teachers had so much patience with our shy daughter. She talks about her teachers all the time. Thank you so much, because of them, Lana loves school now." Mrs. P
"My son attended and now my daughter attends St. John's. Learning has been challenging and fun. St. John's produces confident and independent kids that love to go to school!" Mrs. L.
"This is the first time my son has been in a preschool. So far in these few months, I am very happy with the teachers and the school curriculum. My son loves his teachers. I would recommend this school to all of my friends." Mrs. A
"Both of my daughters have had very successful experiences at St. John's CECE. We were initially drawn to the preschool for it's four hour three or five day a week program, proximity to our house and after care program. What has kept us at St. John's for five years are the loving teachers, diverse student population, preparedness for kindergarten, and the priceless friendships we have made. Our arts and crafts portfolios are busting at the seams, and numbers are repeated in multiple languages at the dinner table. St. John's has been a fantastic step in creating life-long learners in our house." Mrs. C
"Both of my children enjoyed their time at St. John's. They had fun while learning. The teachers are caring as well as are good at adjusting and adapting classroom activities based on the children's social and academic levels. Both of my children were/are well prepared both socially and academically for kindergarten." Mrs. H
"From the moment you call for information a friendly voice greets you. Everyone is so nice and you feel welcomed. My kids are happy going to their school and when I pick them up, there are all smiles, sometimes wanting to stay longer. They enjoy going to CECE and it is great to see how much fun they are having, while also learning and being creative." Mrs. W